Get Your Story Straight!

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The Long Roller Coaster, Part 3
January 2008

Rant warning!

A few days after my appointment the PA phoned.  He claimed to be surprised by my lab results.  Although my RF was negative, my CCP was strongly positive. Something else to look up at LabTestsOnline!

With a positive CCP, he wanted me to start on a DMARD right away.  My follow-up appointment was rescheduled for a closer date.

Five weeks later I went back for the follow-up.  My feet and hands already felt better because I’d responded very quickly to the DMARD.  An added bonus that I wasn’t expecting:  I had more energy than I’d had in years.  Turns out that fatigue is a symptom of uncontrolled RA.  Since I was doing so well, the PA-C said, it helped to confirm the RA diagnosis.  He added a prescription NSAID, insisted on a CCB to treat my Raynauds, and said he’d add a second DMARD next time.  He was very impatient with my questions.

The PA also told me that a strong positive on the CCP was what he’d expected to find.  ????  On the phone he said he’d been surprised at the results. Get your story straight!

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originally written as one huge post and published 1/15/09 on the Arthritis Foundation’s host, I have broken this into a number of smaller posts


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