Never Make Assumptions

Now that I’m (probably) done ranting about Children’s facilities fee…

DMARDs can have some weird side effects, and not all of them are printed on the medication’s package insert.  It’s probably a good idea to mention those side effects to your doctor sooner, rather than later, just to make sure that whatever is going on really is a side effect and not something to be concerned about.

A month or so ago I read one of those Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore articles and thought to myself, “Hmmm… I have a couple of those symptoms.  Maybe I should discuss this with my doctor, seeing as I’ve only spent $2507.25 on medical expenses this year, significantly down from the $4189.74 I spent last year.”

I wasn’t surprised when the doctor ordered tests and more tests, the results of which determine whether or not more tests are needed.  Weary, but not surprised.

It was very nice to have him be candid and not beat around the bush:  “This could just be from all the medications, but we need to see what’s going on to make sure it isn’t cancer.”

Now I’m waiting for test results, and trying to avoid searching for information on the internet.  That means I’ve not used my computer for much other than checking in with family and friends on Facebook.  It’s been good to just push things to the back of my mind and try to ignore them.

Meanwhile, the world still spins and life goes on.  We’ve started a new school term and it looks to be a very challenging year.  Up til now I’ve been able to handle helping my kids with their schoolwork without too much difficulty.  This year the older kids’ classes include biology, chemistry, and advanced physics, and I can’t just answer questions about those things off the top of my head.  I’ve done okay up through algebra 2 and geometry, but suspect I’ll have to review my trig to help my son with his pre-calc course.  I really don’t have time to have my life disrupted by even more medical appointments.

Life is pretty full and time-consuming right now.  I’m swamped, but loving it.  Recent events have emphasized how important it is that I make the most of my time with my kids.

If you notice weird symptoms, don’t spend twenty-one months assuming they’re due to your meds.  Talk to your doctor to make sure.

Quick Update

Having realized that I’m probably never going to feel “normal” again, I decided that it’s time to quit waiting around  to do stuff when I feel better.  I’m definitely better than without treatment, and this might be as good as it gets.  That’s a pretty depressing thought, but one I’m trying to come to grips with.

That being the case, I have all sorts of things that I’ve been using feeling crummy as an excuse to not do.  No more.  There’s work to be done and I need to do it whether I feel up to it or not.

Cherries are ripe (a month late, due to our strange weather). We’ve been picking for a week and the trees still look full.

Gardens = weeding.  That makes my hands swell enough that I can’t open the gate when I’m done, but at least the weeds are pulled, which leads to healthier plants.  I’ve been thinking of an analogy with mulch & ways to make RA better, so that will be a future post.

I discovered that the database I built for keeping track of my medical appointments/expenses needs quite a few modifications if I’m going to share it with anyone else.  When I’m the only one using the database, it’s easy enough to make little changes whenever I want.  If someone else uses it, I have to disable that option so someone doesn’t accidentally break the program.  I’m working on those changes, now.  My brother took a look at my program one day when he was visiting, and said that my records are probably more complete than my doctors!  He’s mistaken, but they’re more complete than before I started keeping notes ;)

We sold two of the kids’ horses.  That should keep the hay bill down this winter.  I also bought a horse for myself.  He promptly ran through the neighbor’s barbed-wire fence and got all cut up.  Vet bill was $365 and I get to medicate the horse twice a day for a couple weeks.

Our textbooks for the coming school year started arriving.  The younger boys grabbed their math books and asked if it would be okay to start now instead of waiting.  Too bad they don’t feel the same way about composition!

We’ve been to a few baseball games, and that’s been a nice break.  People give my husband tickets, so we’ve had great seats.  Last time, my feet were killing me.  The lounge was up on the top level, and our seats were down near the field.  My husband recognized my waddling (which is what I call it when you’re limping on both sides) and let me sit there while he did all the running up and down for snacks.

I made it all the way through June with no doctor’s appointments!  Three in July, and no more scheduled until November!  It astonishes me that a few months between appointments has become such an event.

Life has been busy, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.  I’ll try to get one post a week up.

Thanks for checking in.  Hope life is treating you well.

Caught a Virus

Not only am I immunosuppressed, but apparently my computer is, too.  How fitting that this particular virus attacks and removes drivers, leaving the computer with all its physical components, but limited ability to make do what they’re supposed to do.

My apologies for not replying to comments that people have been leaving, and EXTRA apologies if you’re one of the people in my “real” address book since that might put you at risk of the computer deciding to send out messages on its own.  If we’ve only ever corresponded via the WarmSocks address, then you shouldn’t be at risk.

Once my computer starts behaving again, I’ll try to get caught up on posts from all my wonderful cyber friends whom I’ve been missing terribly.

Hope your life is running more smoothly than mine has been lately! :)